Saturday, October 2, 2010

Turtle Time

Bonus points to anyone who knows about turtle time! :)

I've been thinking about signs a lot lately. I have never been a person who believed in signs or gave them much thought at all.

About three weeks ago though I ordered a fertility necklace from . I was really intrigued by it and what I learned when I read about it.

For one, I had no idea that sea turtles were considered a symbol of fertility. It makes total sense though when you know that a sea turtle lays 50-150 eggs at a time.

When we moved into our apartment one of the things I loved about our complex were the sea turtle details everywhere.

When we went on our trip to the Virgin Islands a few months ago we saw sea turtles on our snorkeling excursion. When I went searching for a Christmas ornament to take home and remember our trip by I bought a sea turtle ornament.

Heck, well over a year ago I even bought the fur baby, Oscar, a sea turtle toy.


So when I went searching through La Belle Dame for fertility jewelry and saw the necklace with the sterling silver sea turtle all these things came rushing back to me. I bought it. And I got it today.

                                                              picture from

I have been waiting anxiously for this necklace to arrive as my new cycle should be starting this weekend.

I also learned what the stones on the necklace mean. There are moonstones and rose quartz. Moonstone is said to aid receptivity, and help prepare the mother-to-be to welcome new life. It promotes female reproductive health (which, let's face it, is sorely needed right about now).

Rose quartz is said to help promote and support a new pregnancy and help protect it from miscarriage (which I definitely need considering my mother's history). It is also said to balance our emotions through the journey to conceive. And, well... yeah. I need that, for sure. (all information on stone meanings from and Kimberly de Montbrun)

So... signs. I never gave them much credit before. I've never been a superstitious person. I've never believed in magick or mythical creatures (well... except for mermaids. But I maintain that they're just too elusive for us to find!). But maybe I am coming around a little bit on these signs.

At this point I am ready to try anything. And even if the beads on this necklace don't have any special powers and a sterling silver turtle around my neck won't get me pregnant... it will be a daily reminder about what I am fighting for.

This journey has a way of stripping all hope and optimism right out of you. And then the littlest thing makes that hope surge again and that tiny spark of hope drives you on to keep trying month after month after month. You draw so many lines in the sand.... "Well, we'll do clomid but we will never do an IUI or try IVF." 6 months later... "Well, we can do a few IUI's but that is it!" Another 3 months later... "I wonder if I should start researching that IVF clinic in Barbados. Just in case."

These lines we draw. That keep moving and evolving and changing as our hope diminishes.

On the eve of a new cycle, I wear this necklace and every time I feel it and see it in the mirror I will remind myself to have the hope and perseverance to find my dream.

"Even miracles take a little time." -Cinderella

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