Saturday, October 16, 2010

I have the Best Husband!!

Today the husband and I went to the outlets to do some shopping. The main goal was some warmer clothes for our upcoming trip to Boston to visit my extended family for Thanksgiving.

We got my husband and a great coat and spent the majority of the day looking for a coat for myself. I found several I liked but they didn't have my size. And the ones that I did find in my size I didn't like at all. Near the end of the day I was in tears because I was so frustrated.

We were about to leave and I wanted to go into the Coach Outlet (let me just tell you, I ALWAYS want to go into the Coach Outlet).

We were looking for a few minutes and I was trying to make it quick because we were both pretty tired. I never intended to buy a thing, I just like to browse and look at all the pretties.

Well, my adorable husband surprised me and bought me the purse that I fell in love with....

Yeah. I know. Super cute.

He said it's my treat for all the fertility treatments and whatnot that I've gone through in the last 19 months.

Like I said... I have the best husband EVER! He's adorable and so sweet.

I am one lucky girl.


  1. Oh that is awesome!! You definitely deserve a treat for all that mess you go through. I understand about the not finding a coat that fits. I just gave up. I'm tall and fat with long monkey arms. It's ridiculous. I cringe even trying to go clothes shopping when I have nothing but rags left in the closet. Forget shoes. There's no way. I'm so glad you got a cute purse. Randy's great for you in so many ways!

  2. LOVE that bag. I'm in love with gray lately.


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