Friday, October 22, 2010

Follicular Forecast UPDATE

Don't you love these little updates? They're like the weather forecast... So here goes:

In the south we have a good, strong uterus with a thick and sticky lining measuring over 7 (yay). To the west we have an ovary with a 17 mm follicle and a 16 mm follicle. To the east we have an ovary with another 17 mm follicle. Depending on the on the call we have sweeping through this afternoon it looks like a high chance of trigger shots and at least a double ovulation this weekend (slight chance of triple ovulation).

So what do you think of the forecast? Favorable conditions for conception?!?



I just got the afternoon instructions call and the nurse freaked me the EFF out!! She said that I had 6 mature follicles and that the cycle was cancelled or IVF. I was like WHAAAAAT!?? I only had 3 this morning!!

She put me on hold and went to go check... turns out the nurse this morning had measured each follicle a few times to make sure that she was getting accurate results and they read the report wrong. WHEW!

So they're letting me continue with a lecture about high chances for multiples but said as long as we're comfortable with it they say it's fine.

Trigger shot tomorrow night between 6-8 PM and sexy time Saturday, Sunday and Monday night.

I CANNOT BELIEVE I am about to ovulate THREE EGGS!!!

This is INSANE!!!!!!

I'm so excited (and ok a little scared about all three getting fertilized and then they all start splitting... AHHH!).

Sarah Q


  1. LOL this was a cute way to report your results. It sounds like things are going really well and you may have a really good chance. Good luck!

  2. I love your weather report and predict blue skies ahead. I'm really excited for you and will check back to see how all went this month. Good luck!

  3. Wow! Good luck with this cycle!


  4. Just came across your blog. Very excited for you!!!!!! :)

  5. Girl... I am SO excited that you have 3 eggs! 3 potential babies! 3 chances to get pregnant! I am SO hopeful for BOTH of us! The TWW starts soon! UGH! I hope we get to have a celebratory lunch very very soon! Thanks for popping over to my blog & saying hi! Thinking of you...

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your well wishes for my results tomorrow! Bet you got a hell of a fright when the nurse said that and then a huge sense of relief when she figured out she was wrong! Phew! GOOD LUCK!!


  7. Lol what a great forecast! Wishing much success!

  8. good luck! thanks for your comment- it gave me hope that injectibles will give me some follicles!

  9. WOW! Here's hoping for at least one! This post was so cute! I'm your newest follower and just added your link! (ICLW #72 & 106) ;-)


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