Sunday, April 18, 2010

Once Upon a Dream

I have so many dreams for me, my husband and our baby.

I dream of the look on his face when I tell him we’re pregnant.

I dream of a flawless pregnancy.

I dream of a perfect nursery.

I dream of tiny clothes and socks and shoes.

I dream of my husband talking to my belly and kissing it.

I dream of being woken up in the middle of the night by a baby turning somersaults inside me.

I dream of my water breaking and my husband freaking out and rushing me to the hospital.

I dream of being surrounded by family and friends as we stare at our own little miracle.

I dream of sleepless nights nursing my baby.

I dream of the milestones… the first smile, laugh, crawling, pulling the cats’ tails.

I dream of standing over my sleeping child with my husband marveling over the miracle we created from our love.

I dream of my first Mother’s Day.

I dream of playdates.

I dream of pre-school and scribbles hanging on my fridge.

I dream of messes at the kitchen table.

I dream of the first day of school.

I dream of the accomplishments of my child.

I dream of growing pains and puberty.

I dream of my husband teaching him/her how to drive a car.

I dream of first dates.

I dream of graduation and college.

I dream of a wedding with me sitting in the front row crying.

I dream of my husband dancing with my daughter at her wedding (and I have already picked out the song) or me dancing with my tall and handsome son.

I dream of becoming a grandmother before I have even become a mother.

I dream of growing old with my husband and watching our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren flourishing.

I dream so many dreams. I don’t know that they will all come true. But I hope they do. No matter what happens, no matter what I tell myself, the hope will always be burning inside me.


  1. Keep that hope with you. These are all good dreams. I dream of them for you too.
    PS- I like the signature

  2. I absolutely hope your dream comes true very soon!

  3. Those are lovely dreams. I hope they come true for you.

    (here from creme)


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