Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thank You for Your Service

I have been sitting on this post for a little over a month. I wanted to share but I didn't feel ready and I wanted an appropriate time. Today seems to be the day.

At the beginning of August a good friend of mine came to visit with her Mom. I took them all over town to show them a good time. One day we decided to go to St. Augustine, FL. It's the oldest continually inhabited town in America. It's quaint, adorable and lots of fun.

We went and ate at Santa Maria where we got to feed fish and birds from our table. And got a personal dolphin show. It was so much fun!

As we were driving into town to go shopping I saw a man on the corner. He was holding a cardboard sign that said "Out of work Veteran. Will work for food."

I was immediately heartbroken. There are so many vets that really have a hard time transitioning from service to corporate America. I started digging in my purse for cash and since we were at a red light I had my friend call him over to the car and give him the money. As he took it from us I looked at him and said "Thank you for your service." He teared up. I saw the pride in his eyes and how hard it was for him to take handouts.

As we drove away he stood on the sidewalk and saluted us. My heart was full and I teared up myself. This man could have so easily been my husband. Someone who risked life and limb for our country. As the wife of a veteran I felt such a responsibility to help this man who had put our freedom above his personal safety.

All I could think about, as I drove away to spend my frivolous day shopping, was my husband and the sacrifices he made. I was thinking about all the men and women who fight daily for our country. And all the people who sacrifice to make sure that my home is safe and secure. All the families who do without their loved ones for the greater good. And all the people who have given their lives for me and my family.

So, today on the 9th Anniversary of 9/11. Thank you for your Service. We will never forget.


  1. This post is so heartfelt. It makes me feel guilty for every time I've turned someone away when they were asking for a little help.


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