Thursday, May 24, 2012


Well, my life is crazy. REALLY crazy.

I got my day 22 progesterone on May 4. They called and told me it wasn't a true ovulation and to start my 10 day dose of aygestin to bring on my period.

I took all ten days and expected my period to show up about 3-4 days after I finished the dose.

Never showed.

I was getting so frustrated. I was angry at my body and that it wasn't responding to the medication and that I was having to deal with further problems with my body.

Finally after a week of a no show period my mind started thinking... maybe I should take a pregnancy test and then my period will show. We all know that's how it works.

Tuesday night around 9 PM I took a test.

It turned positive before I was even done peeing on it. Just like it did with B.


I got in the next day for beta. Results came yesterday afternoon. 4888. Holy crap.

At first they told me that my hugh number indicated an ectopic pregnancy. I knew that it wasn't. I just knew.

Then they told me my progesterone was only 8.2. I freaked out. I obviously know how important progesterone levels are. When I was pregnant with B I had perfect progesterone levels. So I freaked out.

Thankfully, I already had some crinone in my bathroom and they started me on that immediately. Its gross but I don't care. Whatever I need to do.

This morning I went in for an ultrasound. The pregnancy is definitely in my uterus. The gestational sac was visible, as was the yolk sac. I'm measuring 5 weeks 6 days so it is still too early to see the baby or heartbeat. Also, my RE's ultrasound machine SUCKS. Big time. Even follicle checks are barely visible on that machine. I miss my old RE.

I got the call from the nurse this afternoon going over everything. Turns out they started using new progesterone kits at the end of April. The kits have different values (don't ask me to explain that because I don't understand it at all). So when they said my progesterone was under 5 on May 4 it was actually closer about 8 (indicating ovulation) and when they said it was 8.2 yesterday it's actually over 12.

It's still low for pregnancy and remains a concern but it's a lot better than 8.2!

So there you have it. We are pregnant with baby number 2. And it happened the old fashioned way... hurried, frantic sex before the baby starts crying.

Not very romantic, but definitely a wonderful gift. We are extremely grateful and hopeful.

Sarah Q


  1. I am still so happy for you! So, so thrilled!

  2. Congratulations, my #2 conception was much the same, amazing isn't it! Woohoo!

  3. Congratulations Sarah! This is so great. I am so happy and excited for you! I have some questions for you... expect an email!

  4. Wow. That is insane and wonderful. You are in for the ride of your life!

  5. Swinging by to let you know that I'm thinking about you. I'm ubber excited for you. I'm most likely going to a conference in Jan./Feb. in Georgia, which I'll drive. So maybe I'll be able to swing by and take newborn and family pictures for you.

  6. "Hurried frantic sex before the baby starts crying" lol that sums up the sex life with a baby huh?


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