Saturday, May 12, 2012

You are my Joy

I haven't even started writing this post yet and I am already crying.

I feel so blessed. And grateful.

I didn't know how my first Mother's Day would hit me. I didn't know I would get so emotional and it's not even until tomorrow. I didn't know if I would have mixed emotions about the day.

Mostly, I cried as I rocked my son to sleep tonight because I cannot believe how incredibly blessed I am. He has turned my world upside down into a chaotic, messy, tornado. I wouldn't change a thing. He is my joy. If my heart could burst with love, it would.

I could not ask for more than my beautiful boy.

Today I cry with joy at my blessings.

But, I have not forgotten all of you still waiting.

Tomorrow I will think about every single one of you. You are not alone. I have not forgotten the journey that brought me to this place in my life. I have not forgotten all of the amazing women who stood by me on my journey and I stand with you now.

So, tomorrow, Mother's Day, I am thinking about all the expectant mommies, first time and seasoned mommies, the mommies who had to say goodbye too soon, and the mommies who are still waiting to say hello.

You are all in my heart and I am better for knowing you all.

Sarah Q

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  1. Nicely said. And I may just have tears in my eyes...


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