Sunday, November 21, 2010

Party for Two

Tonight I will inject my trigger shots (and for any of you that do not know these shots will force my ovaries to release eggs out of three mature follicles I have... Yep, folks! It's another triple O!). Sexy time will start tonight and continue for the next three nights in the hopes of catching at least one of the three eggs released.

The hunt is on!!

Hopefully no injuries this time!! :)

I never went back for an extra ultrasound and blood work. I decided to keep on riding the apathy train and trust Dr. Baby as he has not steered me wrong yet (and I seriously adore him as a doctor). I also won't have to go and get my progesterone checked in seven days because I am going to be out of town. They are quite confident that I will ovulate with the trigger shots because I have been responding so well.

I have continued to be as non-stressed about this cycle as possible. I haven't thought about it that much. It's in the back of my mind, occasionally, but I'm much more focused on our trip to Boston for Thanksgiving to see my family and Christmas decorating and my wonderful Husband's upcoming graduation from College.

I will of course do everything in my power to continue on in the hopes of becoming America's Next New Mother, but it is not consuming me like it has in past cycles. I am not worried. I am not stressed and I am NOT obsessing. I have to say that it is a nice break for me and I am sure, for my husband.

I cannot help but hope that I continue feeling slightly apathetic because it's actually a giant relief!!

Sarah Q


  1. I am feeling the exact same. Apathetic. It is a nice change, especially with the holidays coming up. I have my moments around pregnant women....but for the most part I feel very little about this cycle's process.
    I'll be pulling for you.

  2. sending baby dust....have fun :-)

  3. Yay Sparkle! So glad Sexy Time has come once again. Doesn't it seem the last time was SO long ago? Will be hoping & praying for you & that you'll get a Christmas miracle! I'm ready for us to have a celebratory get together

  4. I am interested that you have two trigger shots. I have only ever had one. Good luck!

  5. I am so excited for you! I hope it works this time. It looks like I will be following your lead and doing the same thing next month. Good luck!

  6. Hey girl! I left you a blog award at my blog... stop by when you get time!

  7. Looks like we will be in the two week wait together, As you know, I just triggered today so right behind you. I could easily see how after several cycles, optimism quickly fades to apathy. These cycles can be emotionally draining. Good luck, hope this is the magic cycle!


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