Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Closer I Get

The crazier I get.

I started this two week wait determined to stay sane and happy and distracted. Well. That did NOT happen.

I spent the first week on the couch nursing my sex injury. So the first week went by pretty fast and easy.

This second week... well not so much. I was ok until yesterday when I decided to test even though I knew it was too early and I was bound to be disappointed. And I was. Big freaking negative.

I was really upset.

Until I drove my husband to work and almost threw up in the car. He works barely ten minutes from our apartment and I barely made it back in the house before I ran for the bathroom and threw up. I puked for the first time in over a year and a half.

Thankfully, I only had cranberry juice in my stomach. And, sadly, after many years on the club scene this is NOT the first time that I have thrown up cranberry juice.

And just like that I was back in the game. I was so excited that I puked!! The nausea lasted a few more hours but didn't throw up again.

So far my symptoms have been sore boobs, heartburn, a lot of difficulty sleeping, exhaustion, you can see the veins in my boobs like crazy (I know... not sexy at all), and now nausea and puking. Oh, and my sense of smell seems to be a bit more sensitive.

Today, I felt ok for most of the day until about ten minutes ago... the nausea hit and I frantically jammed about 5 mints in my mouth hoping that it helps. So far not so much luck with that.

So, I am still waiting. And yes I still have hope but why the HELL can't I be one of those women who gets a really early positive?

That would really make this so much easier for me.

Sarah Q


  1. Negative tests SUCK. obvi.

    Your symptoms sound awesome... can't wait to see how the next few days go! When do you think you'll test again?

  2. YAY FOR PUKING!! I'm so happy you puked!

  3. the 2ww is so hard. especially with IUI, at least with IVF we get a couple days of waiting time shaved off!
    hoping this is it for you!

  4. here's to more vomit coming your way! reading your blog brings it all rushing back to me...every little bit. I hope that you test tomorrow and get your bfp, but it still may be too early if AF isn't supposed to show till monday. just another way that it all gets crazy for you. like you, i never knew what day AF was actually supposed to come, so like you, i never knew what day was "safe" to test. and, like you, NEVER got an early bfp. try to hang in there. i know it's torture on your emotions. sending some hugs and positive thoughts.

  5. Pulling for you lady... and hoping that good news is still to come!

  6. Hoping for good news for you!! I'm on IUI#3 in my 2ww, I have another week to go. But last cycle, I tested on 15dpIUI and got a BFN. Then never got AF and tested again on 18dpIUI and got my BFP!!! (sadly, we miscarried due to low progesterone) Don't mean to be a bummer, just letting you know you can get that negative and still end up with the positive a couple days later!! Hoping this is your time!! :)

  7. Isn't it funny how throwing up has become a totally awesome and exciting thing? :)

    Thinking pregnant thoughts your way and keeping my fingers crossed that we'll read about your BFP in the next few days!


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