Thursday, March 4, 2010

Everything I do I do it for You

I just got home from my latest Dr. appt and I am actually excited about this fertility process again. I love my Dr so much! Seriously, if it wouldn't be really wierd and creepy I would try and become her best friend. I really would. She gives me such hope and she's proactive about things and I really really feel like she's rooting for me. I love that.

But the good news is... she put me on Metformin! I am so excited (despite the GI side effects... ew). She said it should really help me lose weight (which has honestly been such an exercise in frustration) and help get me regulated and we're still sticking with the clomid. She seems really confident about this combination for me. Plus, of course I am still on the thyroid meds, as well. Man... I am turning into a one woman pharmacy! And I am so ok with that... as long as it gets me where I am going. So, next cycle... BRING IT ON! I am ready for this. I also ordered some preseed. And I am taking my husband to the sex toy shop. That's right. We're one of those couples. Time to kick this baby making into high gear!!!

Going to see Dr. Amazing (that's so her new name) was really just the pick me up I needed. I am confident and excited about this process again.

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