Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Long, Overdue Update

I have done a great job at being way too busy for updating this blog.

Currently, I am nearly 20 weeks pregnant and it will be confirmed on Friday that it is indeed another BOY! :)

B also turned one 3 weeks ago. It was a lovely and bittersweet day. He amazes me everyday.

In other news, and the biggest reason why I have been so incredibly busy, my stepkids have come to live with us from Texas. When we got them we had a week to drive home to Florida from Texas (with three kids and a uhaul trailer), get them into the pediatrician, get them registered for school, buy them furniture, clothes and school supplies.

It was a busy, busy week.

Now, the amount of kids in my house has tripled (and come January another one will be added to the mix). My laundry has quadrupled and I finally have given into the fact that I HAVE to cook every night.

In the last two and a half weeks I have never been so insanely busy and on my feet in my life. In fact I've dropped nearly ten pounds in that time. I fall into bed everynight exhausted.

The schools here are insane. My stepdaughter's bus comes at 6:05 AM and my stepson's comes at 6:20. HOW CRAZY IS THAT?!!? I have learned to make breakfast casseroles on Sunday nights and just heat some up in the mornings. It keeps things a little easier in the mornings.

Overall, it has been  HUGE adjustment, but I think we're all doing really well. We've started to settle into a routine and we're all getting our feet under us and getting used to our new normal.

We're very excited to have them here with us, although I'm so nervous to be adding a newborn into this mix in a few months. I'm terrified that this new baby is going to get lost in the shuffle. As a good friend's mom told me... Newborns have a way of not getting lost in the shuffle. She has a point.

Now I need to learn a thing or two about baby wearing. I have a feeling I'm going to need my hands free!!

Sarah Q


  1. I love that your family has grown in such a beautiful and amazing way! Seriously makes my heart swell!

    But for real - both buses before 6:30am?!? That is INSANE! Most adults don't even have to be to work until 8. Why the HELL do these kids have to be to school so early???

  2. Swinging by to say hello and that I'm thinking about you. :)

  3. I recommend the Ergo Baby with the newborn insert and/or the Moby Wrap. I wore D all the time and both of these were completely awesome and totally worth the money. Ergo is more expensive but is so awesome for your back and wears so well that you can loan it or resell it when you are done. The Moby is more affordable and so cozy, especially with a really tiny one. Don't be intimidated by how complicated it seems - I am super uncoordinated and uncool with these things and I figured it out easily.


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