Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Love the Way You Lie

I lied.

I said in the last post I would only post that one belly picture but I completely forgot about our maternity pictures. I got them back yesterday and yes, I am going to have to post some.

In other news, I am 37 weeks 1 day. Full term!!! I am trying not to freak out about the whole pushing a pumpkin out of my hot pocket thing and at the same time I am so, so ready to get this kid out and meet him!!!

The hospital bag... still a work in progress. I do not know why it is so difficult for me to get this bag packed. It's half done and every time I go to finish it I think about how I would rather take a nap instead.

I am done with my class this coming Monday and I am so glad. This has been such a tough class for me. The actual class and assignments have not been that hard but the instructor is not my favorite and I've had no feedback from him and that is really frustrating. I feel like I haven't learned anything from him and combine that with really wanting to be done for a few months it's been a little overwhelming and frustrating.

I just need this baby to stay in until next Tuesday when class is officially done and then he can come ANYTIME he wants. The sooner the better! :)

We are so happy and so excited and cannot wait to meet this little man!!!

Sarah Q


  1. Well I personally feel it's crap that you're not posting more photos--and that you're eating Hamburger Helper--but hey, your life...
    That little Brady will be here before you know it, so exciting! And so excited for you and the mister!

  2. I LOVE these pictures. am so happy for you!

  3. They really turned out incredible friend! You look just gorgeous!

  4. Yea for full term! Great pics ;)


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