Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Baby Boy

Introducing Brady Conrad born August 3, 2011 6 lbs 5 oz.

He made his appearance after over two days of labor and a last minute c section. I know some women get upset about having to have a c section but I have absolutely NO REGRETS about any second of my birth experience.

I love this little man so much and although I am SO TIRED I am so so grateful for this blessing.

And he is REALLY freaking cute!!! The last three weeks have changed me forever.

How's that for my 100th blog post?!?!!? :) 

Sarah Q


  1. Me likey! So stinkin adorable.

  2. an AMAZING 100th post! so glad to hear you are both safe and sound. he is gorgeous and you look so happy!!! congratulations xoxo

  3. So cute, congrats!!

  4. I've already said this, but... ummmm.... yeah... I totally love him!

  5. Congrats Sarah Darling! Get ready for the ride of your life... Cups Up! xoxo


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