Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Counting Your Eggs

I haven't updated in a while. I've had so much going through my mind. I've had several blog post ideas running through my mind but haven't figured out how I want to write about them. I've had the ideas but my writing has been... stagnant, I guess.

We are more than halfway through our first cycle with Dr. Baby. I started the femara on cycle day three and took it through cycle day 7. The only side effects I had while on the femara were headaches. They got pretty bad but compared to the side effects of the clomid the femara was a piece of cake.

I went in on cycle day 11 for my first follicle check ultrasound and bloodwork. I was really excited that it landed on a Monday because my Husband was able to go with me. It was the first appointment he's been able to go to with me since we lived in Phoenix. Well, we went into the ultrasound and I had a few small follicles on my left ovary and a bigger one on my right. 12 mm. I was so excited! That is the biggest follicle I have ever had. Real progress for the first time! We went home and told to come back on cycle day 14 for another ultrasound to see if the 12 mm follicle had grown to 18.

Initially, I was so excited about a follicle that had grown at all but as the hours went on I started freaking myself out. I read too much on the internet and convinced myself that my follicle would stop growing. I got some good advice from SIF to eat some raspberries. I immediately called my husband and made him stop at the store on his way home from work. I ate so many raspberries over the course of the next three days. They were actually quite delicious.

We went in for my next check and my husband was able to come with me again, which was great, because I was so, so nervous. Immediately, she went to my right ovary and the 12 mm follicle became an 18!!!! I was so overwhelmed and excited I just started crying right there on the table, feet still in the stirrups and all. No other follicles grew, but all we need is one!! The poor ultrasound tech kept trying to get my to stop crying. As soon as she left the room all I could do was look at my husband and whimper through the tears 'It was the raspberries!!'

So thanks for that, SIF! :)

I took my trigger shots Friday night (cycle day 15) and they were a little painful but not bad. It was definitely different using a syringe on myself. The excitement of actual ovulation overshadowed any pain or discomfort. After the shots the whole weekend was spent relaxing and gettin' busy. :)

Right now we are in a holding pattern. We are officially in the two week wait. It truly is the longest two weeks ever. I have an appointment this Friday for more bloodwork to make sure that I did in fact ovulate.

I am a little overwhelmed. I can't believe for the first time in 3 years I just ovulated. Just the thought of it is so exciting! Which makes me feel a little ridiculous. Most women ovulate every single month and for me it is a huge momentous occasion!

My husband is convinced that if I ovulated I am definitely pregnant. I keep telling him not to count my eggs before they're hatched.

But I can't help but count them secretly along with him.


  1. I'm hoping for you Sparkle! **baby baby baby**
    Be thankful you only have a two week wait, I ovulate a week earlier so I have to sit tight for three! (o:

  2. Awe!! Thanks for the shoutout - but we should really thank Teeny! She's the one I got that gem from! ;)

    And I'm counting your eggs right now too lady! I'm just so excited for you!!

  3. I am super excited for you! And I bet the weekend was fantastic :)

  4. good luck! I hope the raspberries bring you as much luck as they did to me!

  5. Just so you know, I'm going to be blog stalking you from here on out :-P


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