Sunday, December 20, 2009

Never Say Never...

There are about a half million things I never thought I'd do...
I would never write a blog, never get married before I was 30, never become my mother, never have kids....

Well, let me tell you... I'm sitting here writing my first blog post and sitting next to my husband, I've definitely told my step-son 'only boring people are bored' (thanks for that, Mom), and I'm dying for a baby.

I married the most wonderful man I know in March. I had agreed to have one baby in 5 or 6 years... no rush, right? Yeah about that... a month later it hits me... like running into a brick wall... I could feel my ovaries start to ache. My husband, Randy, was ready... more than. He wanted a baby yesterday. :) So after a lot of debate, discussion and absolute giddiness... out went the birth control pills.

I immediately started obsessing everything baby... clothes, cribs, bedding, decor, bouncy seats, play mats... the internet is a dangerous thing. I was so sure I would be pregnant within weeks. That didn't happen.

We knew I had thyroid problems but weren't sure how exactly that could affect getting pregnant. Long story short... it did.

So now, 8 months later, after many dr visits and an official diagnosis (Hashimoto's Disease) I decided to write this blog. I have been guilty of many internet searches and scaring the crap out of myself because I read all these crazy message boards and I am terrified that everything that happens to these other women will happen to me. So I decided to write this... a true account (I don't guarantee that there won't be craziness) of my Clomid journey.

I did a 5 day course of progesterone starting December 9 and on Cycle Day 3 (Dec 19) I started the 5 day course of clomid. I was initially really nervous about what this would do to me... Would I be a raving lunatic? Really sick? Would I drive my husband away with my bitchiness and therefore the end of the baby journey? A lot was going on. But it turns out, not much in the way of side effects. I was actually in a really great mood all day long. About 8-10 hours after I took the first pill I did feel a little nauseated (we were also driving in the mountains) and I could feel little pin pricks in the ovary area. Not painful at all, but I could definitely feel it.

Today, I took the second pill and I feel fine. Again I am feeling the pin pricks. But more than anything that just encourages me that the clomid is working. I am sending positive thoughts to my ovaries about twice an hour.

I am excited and nervous to see if this works. It may take a few months on the clomid but I can't wait to see what happens!

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