Sunday, February 3, 2013

It's Been a Long Time

I haven't been in this space much in the past months. I have thought about it and there have been posts that I have considered writing. When it came down to it, I just didn't have the energy or time. Well, I had the time, but I just chose to use it in other ways.

I have also had a conflict about what I wanted for this space. It's been useful for me over the last 3 years, but my time is limited and I am not sure I can keep up.

My life has also done a complete 180. When I started this blog I had no children. I now have 2, plus 2 step kids who live with us full time. I am obviously not waiting on that fertile godmother anymore. She's been by, and won't be back again. Ever.

I was talking to a friend and telling her I wasn't sure what to do with the blog anymore. I am an infertile girl who ended up with 4 kids. What do I do with that? She said that's exactly what I should do with the blog... The infertile girl with 4 kids.

And maybe someday I will. When I have more time and energy. Or when I can wrap my head around the concept myself.

In the meantime, about two and a half weeks ago I welcomed this little man. He has stolen my heart and incidentally, he also stole my birthday. It was quite the way to celebrate my 30th birthday.

Grayson Corbin 1/17/13 6:56 AM 7 lb 10 oz

Sarah Q

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  1. He is beautiful! It is so good to hear your voice.


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