Thursday, November 24, 2011

Heart to Heart

My heart is so full today.

In between all the cooking and baking it really has been a day of reflecting.

A year ago I was literally getting pregnant.

I have been so emotional all day thinking about where I was a year ago. I had completely given up hope.

I thought that I would not be a mother. I got to a place where I literally thought it was not possible.

And here I am. A year later, this is where I find myself. My heart is so full. A year ago I thought I would not be able to share special days like today with my child.

This was the first outfit we bought him when I was pregnant. Before we even knew he was a boy. :)

Today, I held my little man and I thanked God for this special day filled with memories with my little family. I have a wonderful husband who loves me way more than I deserve and I have a precious baby who is the love of my life (along with the husband, of course).

I never thought I would be here. A mommy. Sometimes, I still can't believe how blessed I am. Everyday I get to wake up to a little person who smiles just because I'm his mommy. He lights up my world.

I do not take any moments for granted and I cannot wait to share this Holiday season with him.

My heart is so full. And so very, very thankful.

Sarah Q


  1. He is so cute!

    I had to get my Football babylegs on ebay because they are always sold out of them on their site. And they aren't the baby legs brand, but he wears them almost every Sunday since football season has started and still look new, so the no name ones hold up pretty well.

    Enjoy your 1st holiday season as a mommy. I know I am going to. I'm so excited for Christmas this year. It's like the holidays have a whole new meaning.

  2. Love this friend! And love that you have your dream come true!

  3. So I have *finally managed to get my behind over here and read your blog :) You have me in tears lady! This one really really got me because I remember my heart leaping for you and being so stinking excited and happy for someone I didnt even know who was finally getting her greatest wish.

    I think it has to be the full moon..... but I am still so happy for you even if it has been a minute since little B came along for you.


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