Thursday, May 19, 2011


I think pregnancy has turned me into an awful blogger.

Things have been so incredibly busy and quite honestly, my last class kind of kicked my ass. I'm glad for it to be over and onto the next one.

I did, however, notice that my last two posts were completely centered around penises. Hmmm. I guess it was a nice break from the year's worth of posts about my ovaries and uterus.

Speaking of my uterus, I am 27 weeks and 2 days pregnant. Officially in my third trimester! I am so overwhelmed, grateful and humbled to be here. It has been an amazing journey so far.

I have looked back over the years and months it took me to get here and I wonder if I would change anything. Would I change my experiences and wish the infertility away?

I don't think I would. It was and is the hardest thing I have ever had to endure so far in this life but it honestly taught me so much. The biggest was to be thankful for every moment.

Every night I lay down to go to sleep and I feel this little boy moving inside my stomach and kicking and punching and rolling and I am so incredibly thankful. This is a blessing that is so truly wonderful and if I had not gone through what I did (and what I most likely will in the future if we want more kids) I would not have the perspective I have now.

I hope it makes me the mommy that I truly want to be.

Sarah Q


  1. Women like you are so inspiring! It's so great to hear your "attitude of gratitude."

  2. Love that post!

  3. Well, well, well... Sarah Q is earning her Mommy badge already! Good for you my dear. xoxo


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