Friday, May 28, 2010

She's Got It All

I have been terrible about blogging lately. Things have been a little hectic. First of all, WE ARE MOVING!!! In 2 1/2 weeks. To Orlando, Florida! I am really excited to live near the beach! Woo! Now I just have to pack up my house... Again.

I had my HSG done on Wednesday. It was an experience. I get there and I am really nervous and my husband was supposed to meet me there on his lunch break. Then they tell me he won't be able to come in the room with me anyway. Booo! I called him and told him not to bother coming. I was on my own. I had to face the catheter on my own. This is the biggest medical procedure I've ever had done so I was freaking out a bit and dearly wishing for the valium they offer people who don't have to drive themselves home.

After all the lovely adventures of peeing in a cup and getting weighed they finally take me to the exam room. I strip down and hop up on the table and arrange the very thin paper over my knees. And wait. and wait. and wait. I swear I was in there for about 30 minutes before they came in. I was so nervous I couldn't stop sweating. I swear even my ass was sweating.

Finally, Dr. O and the nurse come in. Aaaaand the system is down. He has me lay down and put my legs on the stirrup thingies and scoot all the way down. And he arranges my paper up above my knees. And pulls out his cell phone. My head popped up so fast and I am sure that I had a look of absolute horror/panic on my face when I said "Ummm. What's the cell phone for!?!" He was only calling the tech guy to fix the system. But in those few seconds I was trying to decide if I should wrestle my legs out of the stirrups and kick him in the face or just start screaming for help.

We finally get started and unexpectedly the table starts moving and lifting and somehow I am almost hanging upside down and the only thing keeping me on the table are the leg stirrups. I am now half naked, spread eagle, upside down with Dr. O inches away from my hot pocket. Words can't even express what was going through my mind.... I was sincerely hoping I didn't get sudden gas or something because I was so nervous. Can you imagine that scenario!?!?

The procedure starts and it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I didn't even feel the shots in my cervix. There was some pretty intense cramping when the dye started filling my uterus and it was really crazy to watch it all happening on the screen. It was over pretty quickly, too. As I stood up from the exam table I was really trying to prepare myself for all the dye to come pouring out of me and start running down my legs but none came out. I think he sucked it all out with the catheter or something. I was really relieved about that.


This is the first good reproductive news I've gotten about myself! I am really excited. Officially, Dr. O said that if we can get my body to ovulate without forming cysts we are in business!

I can't tell you how thankful I am. So many women have such bigger problems reproductively than I do. They struggle with so many more issues. They are so brave and amazing. Compared to them my problems are so small and insignificant. I have real hope that I can have a baby now.

My new clinic in Orlando already has me in for an appointment a few days after we get there. My new Doctor is apparently amazing and I am ready to get out there and get this baby making STARTED!!!!!


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  1. Congrats! I am so happy that you have a perfect uterus!!! It'll all come together soon for you.



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